Friday, August 8, 2014

Book Review: Finding the Space to Lead

Finding the Space to Lead:
 A Practical Guide to Mindful Leadership

One of the phrases in Janice Marturano’s book, Finding the Space to Lead, speaks to the epidemic of multi-tasking or continuous partial attention that takes place during an American’s day at work or home. She writes that this habit can be exhausting and inefficient because the mind’s ability is limited and argues that we can develop the brain’s capabilities through daily meditation and purposeful pauses, in turn creating better leaders and thinkers. Early on in the book, she describes a business situation, involving food contamination in a major product, where employees used mindfulness techniques to develop consensus and offer a decision that employees would not welcome.

Marturano believes the engineering slogan, reduce the noise and capture the signal, summarizes the concept of mindfulness expressed in these terms: clarity, focus, creativity and compassion.  Her book serves as a blueprint for those who want to minimize stress, lead with empathy and regulate their reaction to unexpected events. The author, a lawyer and former General Mills vice president, guided the merger between Pillsbury and General Mills, an 18 month process.  During a retreat, she learned mindful leadership and found it gave her mental and emotional space to deal with the nonstop demands of the workplace.

Marturano, Janice. Finding the Space to Lead: A Practical Guide to Mindful Leadership. New York: Bloomsbury, 2014.
BF637 .L4 M287 2014

Friday, August 1, 2014

New DVDs

  • 12 Years A Slave   DVD PN1997.2 .A12 2014
  • Above Suspicion. Sets 1-3   DVD PN1992.77 .A36 2012 v.1-3
  • Alphaville   DVD PN1997 .A564 A564 1991
  • Amarcord   DVD PN1997 .A53 1974
  • Black Moon   DVD PN1997 .B5365 2011
  • The Bridge   DVD PN1992.77 .B75 2014
  • A Brief History of Time   DVD QB 981 .H377 B75 1992
  • Call The Midwife Season 3   DVD PN1992.77 .C35 2014 v. 3
  • Chinatown   DVD PN1995.9 .F54 C4 2006
  • Chloe in the Afternoon   DVD PN1997 .A568 A5 1987
  • Come Back Little Sheba   DVD PN1997 .C654 C6 1991
  • Cosmos   DVD QB44.2 .S235 2013
  • Daffy Duck: The Nuttiness Continues   DVD PN1997.5 .D34 D34 1992
  • Dawn of the Dead   DVD PN1997.2 .D396 D39 1978
  • The Dead   DVD PN1997 .D434 D434 1988
  • Dreamchild   DVD PR4611 .A72 D7 2010
  • Elevator to the Gallows   DVD PN1997 .A83 A83 2006
  • Enemy   DVD PN1997.2 .E5469 2014
  • Forbidden Hollywood   DVD PN1997 .A1 F67353346
  • Gaslight   DVD PN1997 .G375 G375 1985
  • The Great Escape   DVD D743 .G7438 2013
  • The Grey   DVD PN1997.2 .G74 2012
  • A Hard Day’s Night   DVD ML421 .B4 H37 2014
  • Heaven Can Wait   DVD PN1995.9 .C55 H4 1990
  • Her (also in Blu-Ray)   DVD PN1997.2 .H47 H47 2013
  • Islam   DVD BP50 .I82 2005
  • Jean Cocteau’s Orpheus   DVD PQ2605 .015 J3266 1986
  • Labor Day   DVD PN 1997.2 .L33 2014
  • The Man Who Would Be King   DVD PN 1997 .M36 M36 1992
  • Messiah of Evil   DVD PN1997.2 .M477 M47 2007
  • The Monuments Men   DVD PN1997.2 .M66 2014
  • Mr. Moto. volumes 1-2   DVD PN1997 .A1 M7 2006 v. 1-2
  • Ninotchka   DVD PN1995.9 .C55 N56 1985
  • One Two Three   DVD PN1995.9 .C55 054 1991
  • Orange is the New Black. Season 1   DVD PN1992.77 .O73 2014
  • Our Daily Bread   DVD PN1997 .097 097 1994
  • Out of the Past   DVD PN1995.9 .D4 O98 2004
  • Partie de Champagne   DVD PQ2349 .P273 2008
  • The Pawn Broker   DVD PN1997 .P39 2014
  • Pinky   DVD PN1997 .P56 1994
  • The Princess Bride   DVD PN1997 .P746 2012
  • Red Desert   DVD PN1997 .D45453 R44 1989
  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty   DVD PN1995.9 .C55 S43 2013
  • Shampoo   DVD PN1997 .S44 S44 1985
  • The Shining   DVD PN1997 .S55 S55 1999
  • South Pacific   DVD PN1997 .S698 S68 2013
  • Stand By Me (Blu-ray)   DVD PN1997.2 .S73 2011
  • Stand By Me   DVD PN1997 .S736 2000
  • They Live By Night   DVD PN1995.9 .F54 T449 2007
  • TinTin: Inside Herge’s Cartoon Archives   DVD PN6790 .B44 T56 2013
  • Waking the Dead. Season 7   DVD PN1992.77 .W355 2006 v.7
  • Waking the Dead. Season 9   DVD PN1992.77 .W355 2014 v. 9
  • The Wages Of Fear   DVD PN1997 .W344 W344 1991
  • Ugetsu   DVD PN1997 .U3713 U3713 1986