Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tablets in the Library

Visit the NHTI Library to try out our newest technology, Microsoft Surface RT tablets. Similar to an iPad, the Surface RTs are wireless and have Microsoft Office 2013 - Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Notepad installed.
These thin, light- weight computers in bright orange cases will travel to study areas and the library living room. The tile-based Windows RT with its colorful 10.6-inch display and built-in kickstand make it easy to work at a table. The Surface RTs have a touch screen and you may add a keyboard. The screen is very readable and students use them for homework and Internet browsing. If you have no need to submit a printed copy of an assignment, grab a tablet. 
When a student wants to use a tablet, he/she shows a current NHTI photo ID and signs up for a library account. Because these units cost over $300.00, the library asks for collateral, such as a current driver’s license, military ID card or passport. We’ll hold one of these until you bring it back.
Try one out soon.