Friday, October 28, 2011

Tom Wessels

Tom Wessels
Wings of Knowledge
November 1, 2011

Tom Wessels, professor of ecology at Antioch New England, founded the conservation biology graduate program and has authored books on the cultural history of the forested landscape.  He teaches students and gardeners to see the history of a local landscape and as they learn its past, to bond with the site.  The shape of tree trunks, rocks on the forest floor, wind and fire damage all offer clues to the land’s use over time.  

The NHTI Library owns several of his books:

Forest Forensics: a Field Guide to Reading the Forested Landscape. Woodstock, VT: Countryman, 2010. NEAR SD144 .A12 W47 2010

Granite Landscape: a Natural History of America’s Mountain Domes, from Arcadia to Yosemite.  Woodstock, VT: Countryman , 2001 QH104 .W47 2001

Into the Field: a Guide to Locally Focused Teaching.  Great Barrington, MA: Orion Society, 1999.      QK121 .L475 1999.

Myth of Progress: Toward a Sustainable Future. Burlington, VT: Vermont UP, 2006. QH541 .W42 2006

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Picture Books

Here’s a short list of new picture books available at the NHTI Library. Picture books stimulate a child’s curiosity and introduce reading at a very young age.  The collection supports our Early Childhood Education program as well as the needs and interests of our campus community.

The Children’s Literacy Foundation (CLiF) has a mission to nurture a love of reading and writing and targets children in communities where resources are limited and children at risk for low literacy skills.  CLiF offers literacy programs in prisons as described in this article in the ProQuest Database

If you’d like to learn more about CLiF, visit their website, ; it will tell you about their programs and activities.  Their site includes a NH map that shows towns involved with CLiF.

Big Plans
JUV PZ7 .L7652 R44 2008

After writing on the board, “I will not roll my eyes.  I am not the boss of the class.  I will not laugh when others speak,” a young boy sits in the classroom corner and spends the day dreaming of big plans.  He climbs the tallest hill and shouts “I’ve got big plans, I say.”  On the way down, he finds a mynah bird who says “I’m in!”  Together, they fly a helicopter and continue on their adventure finishing big plans as they go.  Great illustrations.

How the Sphinx Got to the Museum
JUV DT87.15 .H36 2010

In 1470 B.C., a woman pharaoh, Hatshepsut, ordered a set of 6 sphinx statutes for her temple.  After she dies, her stepson, Thutmose III becomes pharaoh and has workmen destroy the statues and bury the pieces.  In the 1920’s, an archeologist from the Museum of Metropolitan Art finds the pit with the broken pieces. People from the museum travel to Egypt and uncover the sphinx fragments.  This book tells the story behind bringing the sphinx to New York.

Maisy’s ABC
JUV PE1155 .C58 2008

Maisy teaches the alphabet in her version of the ABCs.  On each page, there’s a tab to pull or a flap to lift; find the tab where a purple dolphin for the letter “D” leaps out of the water.  Perfect for children 3 years and up.

Press Here
JUV PZ7 .T82314 P74 2011
Yellow, red and blue dots dance across the pages in this whimsical book.  Press the yellow dot and find out what happens next.  Teaches color recognition.

Red Wagon
JUV PZ7 .L7652 R44 2011

Lucy, a fuzzy fox, takes a trip to the market with her new red wagon.   First she pulls the wagon up a hill, as a squirrel and a hedgehog jump in.  At the top of the hill, it starts to rain and the wagon becomes a ship as she heads to the bottom with animal friends.   Follow her journey as she buys vegetables and heads for home.

True Story of the 3 Little Pigs!
JUV PZ 7 .S41267 T79 1989

Here’s the real story from the Wolf’s point of view.  He set outs to borrow a cup of sugar to make a cake.  His first stop was the pig living in a house of straw down the road.  He sneezed, blew down the house and ate the pig, just like a hamburger.  Read this book to learn what happens at the next house.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New DVDs

An American Family--DVD HQ536 .A44 2011
Bad Blood: A Cautionary Tale --DVD RC642 .B33 2011
Ben-Hur--DVD PN1997 .B4645 2011
Black Indians: An American Story --DVD E98 .R28 B53 2004
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid--DVD PN1997 .B88 B88 2000
Christmas in Wonderland --DVD N1997.2 .C47 C475 2009
Citizen Kane (Reserve shelf) --DVD PN1997 .C58 2011
Digital Nation--DVD HQ784 .T37 D53 2010
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner--DVD PN1997 .G847 2008
Hey Boo: Harper Lee & to Kill a Mockingbird--DVD PS 3562 .E353 T63377 2011
The Hunchback of Notre Dame--DVD PN1995.9 .H6 H86343335 2006
Japan’s Killer Quake--DVD QE 537.2 .J37 J37 2011
Making Stuff--DVD T 173.8 M35 2011
Moments to Remember--DVD M1630.18 .M664 G654 2006
Power Surge--DVD TD 195 .E49 P69 2011
Quatermass and the Pit --DVD PR6021 .N413 P59 2010
Quatermass 2--DVD PR 6021 .N413 E6469 2010
Rugged Gold--DVD PN1992.77 .R844 2010
September 11th--DVD HV6432.7 .S468 2011
The Third Wish--DVD PN 1997.2 .T4574 T45749 2010

Friday, October 7, 2011

Introducing Literature Online (LION)

The NHTI Library now offers Literature Online, a fully-searchable database of English literature.  It includes American and English poetry, prose and drama in more than 350,000 works along with 320 journals, American, English, African-American and Canadian poetry clips and links to 5,250 web sites.
Let’s say you need to write a paper on Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.  Locate the NHTI Library database page and find Literature Online in the right-hand column.  When the page opens it shows a search box. Type in Shelley, Mary and there will be over 1600 references and 10 web sites for this writer.

Criticism & Reference:
Criticism (Combined search) (1647 results)
Reference (12 results)
Web Sites (10 results)

Now look up Frankenstein, Mary Shelley’s best known work.  LION includes 773 articles of criticism and one website about this book. 

Literature Online offers video clips of contemporary poets along with the complete plays of Shakespeare in full, unabridged audio recordings.  There’s literary criticism beginning in the 1920s and coverage of almost every period and genre of literature in English. 

The annual literary index, Bibliography of English Language and Literature (ABELL), with over 950,000 records, comprises part of the database.  

Pretty impressive!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


From spirits reaching from beyond the grave to horror tales producing fear in readers, come see (if you dare!) the lobby display of classic horror fiction, ghost stories and tales of Halloween. Find a book and check it out for three weeks.  Stop by the circulation desk if you need to set up a library account.

“From ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggety beasties
 And things that go bump in the night,
 Good Lord, deliver us!”

                                        Cornish prayer

Anonymous. Bloomsbury Biographical Dictionary of Quotations. London: Bloomsbury Publishing Ltd, 1997. Credo Reference. 28 Sept  2011