Monday, July 14, 2014

Book Review: A Dark and Twisted Tide

A Dark and Twisted Tide

PR6102 .O49 D37 2014

Sharon Bolton, a British mystery writer, has released the fourth book in her series featuring Lacey Flint, a London policewoman, who has just joined the Marine Policing Unit on the River Thames. Two months ago, Lacey bought an antique boat in the houseboat community moored in Deptford Creek, a Thames tributary. Forbidden by law, Lacey had taken up wild-swimming in the Thames at high tide, when conditions were right. Her swim this day located a body, wrapped in a linen shroud and tied to a wharf at the river’s edge.

The police find more bodies, youngish, light-skinned, dark haired, pale eyed Asian women wrapped in linen shrouds and left in the river. As the bodies are found, Lacey finds small plastic sailboats on her galley floor, tiny crabs and sees a swimmer around her boat. The plot unfolds to reveal illegal immigrants, a fertility clinic with surrogates and a female villain.

Critics consider Sharon Bolton to be a captivating author, who develops characters in depth and creates plots with many red herrings. A book review site, Goodreads has comments that talk about the authentic police procedurals in this work, her strong character Lacey Flint along with vivid descriptions of the River Thames.

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